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While the humans are away, the plants will play. Mother of Pearl is an original concept for a webcomic that revolves around the lives of one plant owner's succulents who have minds of their own. Join Pearl and her friends as they learn about the world around them and get into cute shenanigans.

Logo Ideation

Character designs

poster process


Guilty Conscience is an original concept for a comic that follows 21-year-old Dion Prettyman as he navigates his life as an adult. But after his father, Francisco Prettyman is put in the hospital due to a terrible accident, strange things start to happen to his family.

Dion Prettyman

Francisco Prettyman

Amara Allen Prettyman

Mitsu Murata

Darrius Allen

Zuberi Steele

"The Conscience"

Concept Art

Logo Ideation







comic designs


Infuzoan is an original concept for a beverage company that specializes in creating herbal tea in various flavors.

The objective of this project was to create a pictorial brandmark using two objects. The project was then expanded with the creation of a cohesive brand identity and system.

Logo Ideation


The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country is a multi-acre site dedicated to the protection and preservation of the natural and cultural history of the texas hill country.

The objective of this project was to create a brand identity and a cohesive brand system for the promotion and marketing needs for the Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country.

Current Logo

Proposed Primary Logo

Logo Ideation

Color and Type Palette

Environmental graphic

Calaboose African American History Museum


Team members:
Chloe Kendall (Web/Sign Design)
Monique Forbeck (Branding Design)
Walker Otte (Web/Brochure design)
Daniela Dunman (Web Design)
Violet Mutuc (Web Design)
Josh Cox (Branding/Brochure Design)
Kristan Camacho Exhibition Creation)
Felicity Fry (Sign/Branding Design)
Austin Farar (Branding Design)
Riley Taber (Exhibition Design)
Micah Rivera (Sign Design)
Colby Gill (Branding Design)
Pamela Ochoa (Sign Design)

The Calaboose African American History Museum strives to preserve the history of the local San Marcos and Hays County area and educate it’s community.

For the class project, the goal was to work together as a class to design the 100 Years of Black Business exhibit for the Calaboose African American History Museum by the buildings Juneteenth reopening.

Current Logo

Proposed logo

Potential Problems

  • No brand consistency

  • Variety of different typefaces

  • No singular color palette

  • Logo colors weren’t incorporated anywhere

  • Website and physical branding were inconsistent

  • Brochure had multiple logos and

  • unsuccessful layout structure

Potential solutions

  • Create a color palette that can be used universally throughout the museum, both in the website and physical branding

  • Create a consistent design and typeface for labeling systems

  • Create a strong logo that can represent the brand

  • Create a new brochure with rotating exhibit pamphlet

Logo Ideation

Brochure design

Exhibit design


Melting Butter is an online source for city guides curated for cultured travelers.

The objective of this project was to redesign the Melting Butter website to better fit the user experience of a user Persona that would be using this site to plan a travel trip.

Current Website

Proposed Website

Potential Users

  • Vacationers

  • Single people

  • Millennials

  • New residents

  • Business travelers

  • Young professionals

Potential Problems

  • bland color palette and layout

  • Too text-based

  • unorganized navigation

  • repeated information on various pages

  • no overview for areas of interest

User Persona

Jackie Grey

Occupation: Social media developer/director of development
Education: Masters in computer science at Duke University
Marital Status: Engaged, no kids

Assertive independent overwhelmed"What's next?"Not enough time in the dayworkes 60-75 hrs per week


Rough drafts

Hello, It's nice to meet you!

I'm Chloe Amara Kendall and I am an African American/Mexican visual designer and illustrator who loves using her skills in graphic design and illustration to help inspire new ideas and make the world a better place. I also love creating fictional characters and creatures, my favorites are Alebrijes! Visit my portfolio to get to know me and we can motivate the world together!